Important definitions every beginner should know about sports


I-     Cardio:


Cardiovascular fitness represents the ability the muscles to use oxygen to produce energy for movement. In fact, it’s the ability of blood cells, the heart, to supply oxygen-rich blood to the working muscle tissues.

These abilities depend on a lot of physiological parameters.

Maximum Heart Rate: MHR

It’s the maximum heart beats your body can reach during a physical effort. You can calculate using this formula: 220-your age.

Generally, your optimal HR for a weight loss cardio activity is about 60-70% of your MHR.

VO2 Max:

It’s the maximal oxygen consumption. It represents your maximum capacity to transport and use oxygen during exercise. The bigger it is, the better your cardio perfs will be.


II-     Bodybuilding;

Full body:

This kind of training stimulates every part of the body (chest, arms, shoulders, abs, back, legs and glutes). It is known for being as a really effective workout when it comes to a fitness beginner. In addition, the fact that you can train your muscles three times a week is an advantage for bringing them up.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger started with full body routines. So a word to the wise.


Half body


It’s a moderate frequency split which allows you training each muscle group about 2 times per week (or more, depending on your routine). You alternate between a session for legs, and an other for the rest of your body (chest, arms, back and shoulders).

Split routine

It’s the training routine where you workout by muscle group consisting of one or two muscles at most. Depending on your schedule, your workout frequency, the split may vary significantly.



Gain weight:

The purpose you have when you want to build strong muscle and get some kilograms of muscle fibers. You adjust your diet and your workout in that way. The less fat you gain, the best it will be. This is why your diet meal plan is important.


It’s the opposite of gain weight, and the diet plan is even more important here. The objective is to “cut” the bodyfat you gained in a way your muscles appear more shredded and defined.

In addition to bodybuilding routine programs, a lot of people do also cardio. This make the cutting period shorter, but not necessarily more effective.





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